The Team

Meet our fire safety professionals and wider team members who help deliver our market leading products and services.



Anna Perry

Fire and Risk Services Manager

Anna joined the FPA in 2020 and is responsible...

Charlotte Collins

Marketing and Communications Manager

Charlotte joined the FPA in 2021. She began her marketing...

Charlotte Horwell

Membership and Publications Officer

Charlotte joined the FPA in 2020 after relocating...

Claire Wright

Director of Training and Digital Services

Claire joined the FPA in 2006 and has a history of learning...

Dale Kinnersley

Principal Consultant

Dale joined the FPA in 2018 after beginning his...

Dr Jim Glockling

Technical Director

Jim joined the FPA in 2002 after beginning his career at...

Fay Kemp

HR Office Administrator

Fay joined the FPA in 2021 with experience in recruitment....

Freyja Green

Membership Engagement and Retention Officer

Freyja joined the FPA in 2018 with experience in...

George Edwardes

Technical Steering Group Manager

George joined the FPA in 2014 with experience as a...

Holly Mayne

Customer Service Administrator

Holly joined the FPA in 2021 as Customer Service...

Howard Passey

Director of Operations

Howard joined the FPA in 1992 as...

Ian Walters

Principal Consultant

Ian joined the FPA in 2019 and has worked in the...

Jade Musto

Head of Suppression Systems

Jade joined the FPA in 2020 as a Sprinkler Head Technician...

James Stone

Digital Marketing Manager

James joined the FPA in 2018, having previously worked in...

Jamie Wyatt

Commercial Sales Manager

Jamie joined the FPA in 2017. Prior to this...

Jo Griffin

Director of HR and Support Services

Jo joined the FPA in 2014 having worked with Formula One...

John Briggs

Commercial Director

John joined the FPA in 2015 after a long career...

John Davies

Construction Manager

John joined the FPA in 2021, having spent over 10 years in...

John Smeaton


John was appointed Chairman of the FPA in 2019; having...

Jonathan O'Neill OBE

Managing Director

Jonathan began his career in the insurance industry...

Karen White

Training Administrator

Karen joined the FPA in 2021 and has 14 years'...

Katie Baldwin

Training and Membership Operations Manager

Katie joined the FPA in 2015, having previously worked...

Kelly Donoghue

Training Lead and IQA

Kelly joined the FPA in 2021, with a background in creating...

Melissa Harrison

Events Manager

Melissa joined the FPA in 2013 and has worked in events for...

Michael Adams

Operations Manager

Michael joined the FPA in 2021 with many...

Robbie Shurmer

Fire Advisory Services Coordinator

Robbie joined the FPA in 2017. He supports our Fire...

Simon Brand


Simon joined the FPA in 2022 as our Editor, having...

Tazmin Jhutti

Training Administrator

Tazmin joined the FPA in 2020, having previously held a...

Toby Morris

Head of Special Projects Group

Toby joined the FPA in 2020 and is responsible for planning...

Victoria New

Executive Assistant and HR Manager

Victoria joined the FPA in 2021. In addition to being PA to...


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