Complete your fire safety training with the UK's leading fire industry experts. Our trainers are the most experienced and respected professionals in the industry, and we develop our courses to ensure you receive the latest information and practical guidance. 

Courses range from introductory levels through to advanced diplomas, and are available in a variety of locations. If it is more convenient we can also deliver training at your premises. 


As the UK’s leading fire safety organisation, the FPA provides highly reputable fire safety training courses delivered by some of the most respected individuals in the industry. All our fire safety courses are developed to offer professional insight into all aspects of fire training, safety and prevention, from fire door training and fire alarm testing through to sprinkler system courses. We deliver the latest information and practical guidance to ensure your business is at the forefront of fire safety.

Fire Detection and Alarm Training Courses

Fire prevention is an essential part of fire training, however, it’s equally important to...

Fire Extinguisher Training Courses

The FPA offers a comprehensive fire extinguisher training course alongside a fire extinguisher...

Fire Risk Assessment Training Courses

With the potential for fire in almost all workplace scenarios, having the correct training in order...

Fire Safety Management Training Courses

As part of our fire safety management training, we’ve developed four separate courses...

Fire Warden Training Courses

The FPA delivers two comprehensive fire warden training courses covering both commercial and...

Passive Fire Protection Training

Passive fire protection is an essential part of protecting a building and its contents. With four...

Sprinkler Training Courses

Our sprinkler training courses are designed to meet the requirements of beginners, intermediate and...

On-Site Training

Do you have multiple employees who require fire safety training? Booking an onsite course could be...

Bespoke Training

We can tailor most of our fire safety courses to suit your specific fire training objectives....

CFPA Diploma

The CFPA (Confederation of Fire Protection Associations) Europe Diploma in Fire Prevention was...


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