FPA launches subscription model for the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015

The LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015 is the UK's most significant sprinkler installation standard which incorporates the full BS EN 12845:2015+A1:2019 standard and related Technical Bulletins.

Published by the Fire Protection Association, this document is regularly updated to incorporate new Technical Bulletins and update existing ones, thereby providing a specification designed to ensure the highest practical levels of resilience to fire can be achieved.

To improve the distribution of new and updated Technical Bulletins for our customers in a cost-effective way, the FPA is pleased to launch a subscription model which means customers will automatically receive updates to the LPC Sprinkler Rules (including new and revised Technical Bulletins) throughout the year for an annual fee, ensuring they remain at the forefront of changes for life safety and property protection purposes.

James Stone, FPA Digital Marketing Manager said: “We have created the new subscription model to support our customers with accessing all new and revised Technical Bulletins as they are produced, for an annual cost-effective fee, rather than paying for individual batches of updates each time they are required. With the BS EN 12845:2015 standard published by BSI currently under major review, which could result in significant changes to the Technical Bulletins, the subscription model will support the timely release of updates.”

New and updated Technical Bulletins

The FPA is also pleased to announce the release of several new and updated Technical Bulletins which are now available via the subscription service:


  1. Insurers are finding that Clause TB203.3.4.9 (dismantling and overhauling valves) is not being implemented and is open to interpretation. Therefore, the wording of this clause has been enhanced to convey exactly what is required in a manner which cannot be misinterpreted in the future in terms of dismantling and overhauling valves.
  2. The frequency of flushing of underground sprinkler mains as detailed in Table TB237.T2 has been included in the relevant specialist routines within TB203.
  3. The current wording of the new Clause TB203.3.5.2 (a) vi – appears to be being misinterpreted. It has been modified to make it clearer that the cleaning out of sprinkler tanks is not automatically required every two years, unless the build-up of debris/silt indicates a need.
  4. TB203.6 (opening paragraph) includes the old title of Annex F and still refers to this as ‘Special requirements for life safety systems’. This has been changed to the current title of Annex F.


  1. TB220 used to cover the requirements for ‘Power supplies for sprinkler pumps’ but the previous content has now been incorporated into TB210 so this TB220 is a new TB covering Full Hydraulic Calculations.
  2. This new Technical Bulletin provides additional helpful guidance for use in full hydraulic calculations by re-establishing the formulae previously contained in BS 5306-2:1990 which enable designers to establish by calculation the various installation demand curves and verify that the water supply characteristic curve will satisfy both the maximum pressure requirements and maximum flow for the system, for the durations as specified in Section 8 of BS EN 12845.
  3. It also provides guidance on orifice plates, how to size these, and the benefits they can provide in helping to hydraulically balance different arrays or installations to limit excess flows from the system and ensure the most efficient use of available water supplies.


  1. Three-year sprinkler water storage tanks have been removed from the LPCB’s certification and approval standard – LPS 1276 – and therefore all references to three-year tanks have been removed from TB224.


  1. Currently, BS EN 12845, Clause 13.1 indicates pipe sizing of sprinkler systems shall either be determined by the pre-calculated method or by full hydraulic calculation. It does not allow for the mixing of these two pipe size methods on the same sprinkler system. Insurers recognise that in certain circumstances there is a benefit of allowing sprinkler systems designed using the pre-calculated pipe size method to be extended using the full hydraulic calculation pipe size method, for property protection systems, providing the appropriate criteria and limitations for such mixing of pipe sizing methods are clearly defined.
  2. With accurate information which can include full survey details or precise as-installed drawing details, it will be accepted for property protection by insurers for sprinkler systems to utilise Full Hydraulic Calculations (FHC) from a pre-calculated water supply only, subject to specific conditions which are detailed in the TB.


  1. For specific type storage buildings (cladrack) the space between the perimeter walls of the facility and the adjacent storage rack can constitute a flue space. This has been brought to the attention of insurers where double row racking is located on the perimeter walls. The addition of a new paragraph in TB234 clarifies the requirements in terms of sprinkler protection to, what essentially is, a longitudinal flue space.

The following Technical Bulletins are in progress and will therefore be released via the subscription model once finalised:

  • TB214: Sprinkler Protection of Flammable Liquid Stores (revision)
  • TB215: Sprinkler Protection of Idle Pallet Storage (revision)
  • New TB: Sprinkler Protection of Mass Timber Buildings

Dale Kinnersley, FPA Principal Consultant and Convenor of the RISCAuthority Sprinkler Rules Working Group commented: “The new and updated LPC Technical Bulletins have been written by the FPA with input from UK experts, insurer members of RISCAuthority, and other likeminded stakeholders such as the LPCB and BAFSA. The latest updates are based on research, testing, product innovation, and changes to recognised international standards that help underpin the requirements from insurers and provide more comprehensive fire protection system options in relation to current UK construction and industry practices.”

How to subscribe

To access the latest LPC Sprinkler Rules and related Technical Bulletins, new customers will pay an initial fee which includes the first year’s subscription fee. The subscription fee will then be due on an annual basis thereafter for updates to the Technical Bulletins.

Customers who have already purchased the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015 incorporating the full BS EN 12845:2015+A1:2019 standard and related Technical Bulletins from the FPA will only need to pay the annual subscription fee.

An essential reference tool for anyone involved in the design, installation, and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems, subscribers can choose to receive updates in print or digitally. Purchasing the online version enables access to the LPC Sprinkler Rules App so you can view the document on a mobile phone or tablet, as well as via the FPA website.



Initial fee for access to the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015 including 1 year’s subscription for updates

Annual subscription fee

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