sprinkler head firing water

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue attended a fire at Hatfield House, Balby Bridge just before midday on 26 April, caused by hair straighteners setting fire to some bedding.

The occupant was able to evacuate the premises safely, and the fire was already out when firefighters arrived on the scene thanks to sprinklers which had been fitted throughout the building.

Fire officers say the incident highlights the value of fire sprinklers fitted in high-rise, residential buildings.

All high-rise tower blocks in Doncaster have been fitted with fire sprinklers by St Leger Homes. The housing provider’s investment followed a joint fire service funded project at Silverwood House in Doncaster, which further highlighted the ease and benefits of retrofitting sprinklers in high-rise buildings.

The installation was awarded £209,000 by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority’s Stronger Safer Communities Reserve, which used money set aside from the Authority’s reserves.

Area Manager Cath Toovey said: “Fire sprinklers are a cost-effective way of making high-rise, residential dwellings safer – they stop fires from spreading, put them out quickly, save lives and have a long working life span. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built nationally as a leading fire and rescue service for our long-standing advocacy of the benefits of fire sprinklers. It’s pleasing to see that not only are housing providers understanding these benefits as well, but that they have done their job at an incident which might otherwise have been much more serious.”