Calls for North Yorkshire Police and Fire boss to resign after a ‘catastrophic loss of confidence’

The North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has resigned after a unanimous vote of no-confidence by the Police, Fire and Crime Panel, followed his ‘unforgivable’ remarks about the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard.

Philip Allot was elected in May this year and is responsible for police and fire in North Yorkshire. Less than six months into the job he has lost the confidence of the people of North Yorkshire and has tendered his resignation after today's tumultuous meeting of the oversight panel. 

This comes after he was interviewed on BBC Radio York on 1 October and said that women should be more ‘streetwise’ about when they can be arrested and that Sarah Everard should never have ‘submitted’ to her arrest by her killer, a serving police officer.

He retracted his remarks the same day and faced immediate calls to resign. His office was deluged with complaints about his attitude towards women. He was accused of victim blaming and misogyny.

The Police, Fire and Crime Panel met today to hear the complaints and listen to Mr Allot’s response. He reiterated his apologies ‘without reservation.' He said he gave a ‘car crash of an answer’ that was ‘wrong, misconceived and insensitive.'

He then followed with a list of work he was committed to do protect women and girls from violence. He cited many organisations who work with victims of violence and women’s groups that had agreed to meet with him and help him better understand the issues. He did not offer his resignation but wanted time to see this work through and report back.

The Panel cannot compel a Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner to resign. The Panel chair said that the power of recall for MPs should be extended to PCCs/PFCCs so that they can be forced out of office.

The Panel chair said that there was a: “Catastrophic loss of confidence” in Mr Allot.

Every member of the 11 strong Panel voted for the motion of no-confidence in Mr Allot and called for him to resign.