With the objective of providing a range of learning solutions to suit all learners, the FPA is pleased to announce the launch of its e-learning provision as an addition to its current offering of fire safety CPD courses and qualifications.

In a dynamic, professional development landscape, continuous learning is paramount and the digital landscape provides the tools to transcend traditional training methods, offering a dynamic and engaging learning experience. Recognising the evolving nature of education and the ever-growing demand for flexible learning solutions, this new e-course suite marks our commitment to providing an alternative and accessible training option, breaking down geographical barriers, and allowing individuals to pursue knowledge at their own pace and at a time that suits their schedule.

Learner benefits

Our diverse range of e-courses are crafted to engage learners, providing valuable knowledge and applicable tools in fire safety, and making education more accessible than ever before. Our e-learning platform is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of learners and with 24/7 access to course materials, individuals can tailor their learning schedules to fit their lifestyles, ensuring education is a seamless part of their daily routine.

Learning should be an immersive experience, and our e-courses include videos, animations, and interactive activities to enhance the learning experience, making more complex topics understandable. Our e-learning portfolio supports learning preferences through text, visuals, and audio input. Learning is self-paced, allowing learners to progress at their own speed and accommodating different learning styles. Learners receive instant feedback through formative and summative assessments, enabling immediate identification of any areas for improvement.

Organisational benefits

E-learning provides a faster learning cycle as it enables quicker dissemination of information compared to traditional methods, meaning organisations can manage learning needs alongside work commitments. E-learning is also easily scalable for large numbers of learners, both nationally and internationally.

Furthermore, e-learning eliminates the need for physical infrastructure and printed materials, reducing carbon footprints and removing the need for travel, as well as offering benefits relating to accessibility, cost, interactivity, personalisation, and effectiveness in modern training.

FPA e-courses

Our e-course portfolio encompasses a range of vital courses, each built to equip individuals with the knowledge needed to better navigate their roles in fire safety. Our e-courses include:

  • The Role of a Fire Warden: this e-course covers the legal duties and responsibilities of a fire warden and how to undertake these, as well as the elements to consider when maintaining a safe fire environment.
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs): an introductory overview and guide to PEEPs and the importance of ensuring the safety of individuals during an emergency evacuation.
  • Hot Work and Permit to Work: split into 3 modules, this e-course covers considerations in preparing for carrying out hot work, the permit to work system as a control method, and the specific fire risks associated with hot work and how to mitigate these.
  • Fire Door Inspections: the Basics: this e-course explains the importance of maintaining fire doors for life and property safety, and to comply with the law, including how to undertake basic routine visual inspections of fire doors.

Tailored e-learning solutions

At the FPA, we recognise that every organisation has unique training needs and a generic approach does not always address specific challenges and nuances faced by different organisations. As such, we can create customised e-learning courses with bespoke learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

This personalisation ensures the content directly addresses roles and responsibilities specific to an organisation and means company branding can be incorporated in the training materials to foster a sense of ownership for learners. Organisations can also add the customised e-course to their internal Learning Management System (LMS) for progress tracking and reporting.

Kelly Donoghue, Head of Training at the FPA said: “The launch of e-learning is not just a new service for the FPA but a promise and commitment to provide engaging, accessible, and future-ready education for all.

"Whether you are an individual looking to upskill or address a specific skills gap, or an organisation seeking tailored safety solutions with distinct requirements, our courses and team can meet your needs with material that is directly applicable to your organisation’s challenges. With e-learning, you can learn anytime, anywhere. We are excited about the possibilities this brings for our life-long learners.”

Find out more about the FPA’s e-learning courses here.