Fire Extinguisher Safety Resources Bundle


Fire Extinguisher Safety Resources Bundle (FESRB)

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Ensure that your staff know what to do in the event of a fire with these essential fire extinguisher resources. The FPA’s bundle of a DVD, handbook and ‘how-to-choose/use’ cards and leaflets provide all the information your staff will need to use extinguishers safely in the event of a fire.

Purchasing and using this bundle can also demonstrate your legal obligation to ensure staff are properly briefed in the event of a fire.

Extinguishing fires at work DVD

This programme shows employees receiving fire safety training in the use of workplace fire fighting equipment with an emphasis on the identification and choice of fire extinguishers.

Extinguishing handbook

This book provides a detailed introduction to the various types of extinguisher, there uses and there construction. 

The handbook also comes with a complete booklet of forms and check lists to aid the responsible person to maintain a record of extinguishers on their premises. 

Choosing and using a fire extinguisher cards x100

This leaflet provides up to date information on choosing and using portable fire extinguishers. It is ideal for distributing to staff to inform them about the basics of using an extinguisher.

How to use a fire extinguisher leaflet x100

Printed on hand-wearing plastic in full colour, this pocket card carries pictures of the main types of extinguishers and information about choice and use in the event of a fire.