Sprinkler Training Courses

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This course is designed to meet the needs of fire surveyors, facilities managers, building control officers, fire service personnel, service engineers and technical personnel - for those whose work requires them to have an appreciation of the installation, operation and maintenance of sprinkler systems.

The five day course can be split into two sessions: the first two days introducing the learner to sprinkler systems and components, and an overview of rules and design principles. The following three days includes theoretical and practical systems maintenance training.

You will develop:

Understanding of the components and operation of sprinkler systems and their role

Knowledge of the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2009 incorporating BS EN 12845

Understanding of the principles of system design and sprinkler operation

Ability to compare and contrast these systems relative to passive fire protection systems

Knowledge of the service requirements in accordance with BS EN 12845 and LPCB TB203

How to carry out practical maintenance of the equipment

Little previous understanding of sprinklers is necessary

The course includes ‘hands-on’ experience at our fully equipped sprinkler training rooms located at our fire laboratory.


Sprinkler design courses

Our new sprinkler design courses are for those looking to become approved sprinkler system designers. The FPA are one of only two providers of this training and we have some of the most experienced sprinkler experts for our delegates to learn from. Click below to view our new courses: 
Basic Sprinkler Systems Design