LPC Sprinkler Rules

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The Fire Protection Association is author and publisher of the UK's most significant sprinkler installation standard, which incorporates the BS EN 12845 standard and is supplemented with additional technical bulletins for a comprehensive and authoritative guide to best practice in sprinkler installation and maintenance.

You can order the comprehensive print edition of the LPC Sprinkler Rules, which comes in a durable binder, by clicking the link below. 

A new PDF edition has also been launched enabling you to download LPC Sprinkler Rules on up to two personal devices. Incorporating over 1,900 hot links, the PDF edition is ideal for anyone working remotely or on site. To order the PDF edition, please email sales@the fpa.co.uk or call 01608 812500.

Anyone purchasing LPC Sprinkler Rules can also sign up to receive technical bulletin updates as they are published, ensuring you are always working with the latest version.