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At the FPA, we understand that managing fire safety within educational establishments can be challenging. We appreciate that the care of your pupils and staff is of the upmost importance, and there are many complex tasks and procedures faced by directors, trustees, bursars or site managers. Fire safety often demands additional time resource and high levels of expertise that may not be available in house.

These are just some of the fire safety issues present within education environments:

  • unoccupied buildings during school holidays
  • management of dangerous substances in science and technology departments
  • large numbers of pupils and staff who need to be safely evacuated in the event of a fire
  • maintaining fire sprinkler systems and alarm systems and ensuring they are fit for purpose
  • reducing the risk of arson
  • common use of old buildings or buildings that have been extended which have unique requirements for fire safety
  • sleeping risk at boarding schools   
  • management of the use of premises by outside organisations

With our specialist expertise and many years’ experience, the FPA can help by:

  • providing you with fire risk assessors who understand the complexity of fire safety within the education sector, and can offer effective risk based solutions to any fire safety issues arising
  • working with whoever is responsible for fire safety - whether this is the director of finance, operations, site manager, facilities manager, estate manager or bursar - to create a fire strategy which works specifically for the needs of your premises
  • partnering with your team to provide ongoing support, as we understand that procedures and requirements are constantly changing with educational premises
  • conducting detailed analysis of your fire compartmentation including fire doors, and offer means of improvement within budgetary requirements
  • offering helpful advice and guidance to enhance the safety of your pupils in the event of a fire, and to reduce the risk of a fire
  • conducting a truly independent third party inspection of your fire sprinkler fire suppression systems, as required in the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015, to help minimise the effects of fire on your premises
  • working with you to ensure that the interface between maintaining a secure premises and an effective means of escape is preserved

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