Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Fire Strategy

Ensure your business has an action plan in place to minimise your potential loss from fire by investing in comprehensive and integrated fire safety management. 

What is a fire strategy?

The fire strategy definition referred to in British Standards Institution document, PAS 911 (now withdrawn) is ‘a clear set of measures encompassing fire precautions, management of fire safety and fire protection.’ It involves the development and implementation of policies that address relevant risks and procedures in line with objectives specific to the business. Its aim is to reduce life risk while protecting business procedures and assets.

Why does your business need a fire safety management strategy?

  • The requirement for business to have a fire risk strategy is not clearly identified in legislation but to meet the requirements of primary fire safety and building safety legislation, it is clear that without one it will not be possible to monitor performance or manage change, nor potentially ensure that a fire risk assessment is suitable and sufficient
  • It provides building owners, occupiers and managers with relevant information to develop and achieve effective fire prevention and protection solutions
  • It forms an essential basis for a fire risk assessment to be inducted.

How can the FPA help?

With our experience and expertise, the FPA can work with you to produce a fire safety strategy designed to protect your business. Our expert fire strategy consultants have worked with many large organisations to produce strategies which align to their specific business objectives and needs.

We review:

  • applicable legislation and its impact
  • building description including layout and materials
  • fire compartmentation, including protection to escape routes
  • means of warning and escape in case of fire
  • fire evacuation strategy
  • emergency lighting
  • fire safety signage
  • impact of linings and structure on internal fire spread
  • external fire spread and protection of boundaries
  • access and facilities for the fire and rescue service
  • smoke ventilation and fire suppression
  • security and protection against the threat of arson
  • fire safety management arrangements including staff training, inspection and review requirements.

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Our sectors

We work across all sectors including retail, education, construction, warehousing and healthcare.

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