Grenfell Inquiry resumes next week and now anyone can attend

The Grenfell Inquiry moves on to module 5 to examine firefighting and with Covid restrictions easing, the Inquiry has opened up its London premises to all.

Hearings resume on Tuesday 7 September at 1400.

The latest newsletter from the Inquiry confirms that bereaved, survivors and residents and members of the public can attend hearings located in Bishop’s Bridge Road, West London. Much of the Inquiry team continues to work remotely.  

Module 5 is currently scheduled to last for two months and conclude with closing statements for module 3. The Inquiry heard from its expert witness, Colin Todd, just before the summer break after weeks of evidence about how fire safety was managed in Grenfell Tower.

There is no information currently about who will attend to give evidence for module 5 but it is likely to involve, as a minimum, representatives of the London Fire Brigade and the Fire Brigades Union.

Once the evidence about firefighting has finished, the Inquiry is scheduled to move on to module 6 with civil servants and politicians being heard in public for the first time. It is likely that Ministers who were involved in building regulations, fire and related policy areas will appear before Sir Martin Moore-Bick.

The Inquiry has now disclosed over 287,000 documents and there are now 642 core participants.