In-Company Training

Do you have a number of employees who require training?

Booking an in company course could be a more cost effective and flexible solution for your business. Whether it's fire warden or fire risk assessment training, we can deliver the course on site, hassle free.

We will arrange for materials to arrive in advance, send one of our expert trainers to your venue and can even tailor the course should this be required (further details below). To receive a quote for an in company course simply fill out the form below or if you would like to talk to us about your specific training requirements, call us on 01608 812 500.

Bespoke training

An increasing number of organisations require training services to be provided on a ‘bespoke basis’, whereby the course programme can be tailored to suit specific training objectives.

We are able to modify, expand and tailor any of the open courses found on this site or create entirely new courses as necessary. Course content can be amended to ensure delegates are trained in accordance with your specific company systems and procedures and, if required, we can provide ongoing back up and verification services.

We have access to multiple training centres throughout the UK or we can run courses at your premises. Rates are competitive, but discounts are available for companies that book a group of customised training courses, and for those who are FPA members.

If you feel your company can benefit from our customised training solutions, please email with your inquiry.

In-company training form