Four Essential Stages to a Better Sprinkler System

In support of the NFCC’s National Sprinkler Week 2021, we held a free CPD approved webinar aimed at helping those with sprinkler systems to make sure they are operating successfully. Sprinkler systems are an extremely effective way to protect your property and assets from the threat of fire. But they must be suitably maintained in order to function as intended in the event of a fire.

In this webinar, Ian Walters and Dale Kinnersley, Principal Consultants at the FPA, share their four essential stages to help you ensure your sprinkler system is in good health and functions as it is intended, should it need to.

The webinar addresses the following 4 stages:

1. The sprinkler system specification and goal – checking it is fit for the purpose of your building and business. What is the goal of your sprinkler system? This will dictate the regulations you will work to comply with; Is it life safety or business safety?

2. Design, installation, testing, commissioning and certification. How do you select an approved contractor to work with?

3. Service and maintenance requirements

4. Independent third-party sprinkler inspections.

Throughout the webinar, relevant legislation, guides and case studies are referenced to bring learning to life and provide active examples to help you manage your sprinkler system.


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