Competent building design saves lives

Southwark Council were recently fined £570,000 having been found guilty of multiple fire safety offences following a fatal fire in Lakanal House in 2009. Three women and three children were killed in the fire.

Southwark Crown Court was informed of multiple failings within the building. The suspended ceilings within the building had not been effectively maintained and were incapable of effectively stopping the spread of a fire. The source of the fire was a faulty television set. 

Fatal incidents such as this remind us that ensuring standards of passive fire resisting construction are as effective as active measures should be key components in any risk assessment in construction. 


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Moreton in Marsh
29 January 2018 & 12 March 2018 
Passive fire protection is the principle utilised within the fabric of a premises to ensure that the fundamental requirements of the building regulations for the provision of compartmentation, structural stability and safe means of escape and safety of fire fighters are met. This 2 day module can be followed by a series of practically focused modules. 
Moreton in Marsh,
12 February 2018 
Certain residential premises and houses in multiple occupation (HMO) present a higher risk of fire and a higher risk of injury to the occupants particularly if the premises are poorly designed, managed or maintained. There are various requirements and duties placed on those who occupy, manage and regulate these premises and guidance has been published to assist in reducing the risk. 


flat fire aftermath


Where do you go now?

The Fire Protection Association is an experienced provider of both fire risk assessments and fire safety strategy advice for building construction and how to provide protection within structures.

The Fire Protection Association's Fire Safety Design of Buildings course has helped a wide array of both individuals and organisations such as Harrods to meet their legal requirements and ensure that their buildings are safe. 

'Excellent event, well instructed with excellent examples and knowledge base.'

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Also, the FPA is one of the leading providers of fire risk assessment training, with courses held around the UK. 

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