SFJ Awards

SFJ Awards is an awarding organisation approved by the Qualification Regulators to provide qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They develop and deliver nationally recognised qualifications for the Justice and Community Safety Sector, the Legal Sector, Local Government, Military and the Fire and Rescue Sector. In 2012 FPA became an Approved Centre for SFJ Awards qualifications for fire safety and more recently for residential properties and fire investigation. By working with SFJ Awards, organisations can develop and implement learning programmes that adhere to a recognised quality assurance process. This results in a quality tailored training programme that remains the intellectual property of the organisation that has developed it, as well as providing increased confidence in the learning programme and ensuring learners have the right skills to do their jobs with proficiency.

Fire safety qualifications are offered on a bespoke basis to organisations and fire and rescue services and can also be undertaken through RPEL. For those working within the Housing Sector, open and bespoke dates are available for the level 3 award, level 3 certificate and level 4 certificate. Larger housing associations can also become Satellite Centres and deliver the training to their own employees and partner organisations. Fire Investigation is offered at level 5 and is undertaken through a combination hands on practical scenarios and classroom delivery by industry experts and specialists.