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Plumis were looking for a bespoke environment in which to test their product, Automist Smartscan, under real life fire conditions. They wanted to compare how the product performed against other options available in the market, and create video content to evidence its effectiveness. With unique, specialist testing facilities and expertise, the Fire Protection Association has helped them achieve their goal.


Plumis wanted to know more about their watermist product, Smartscan. They were looking to demonstrate the speed at which it worked in the event of a fire. Knowing this would enable them to demonstrate damage, and cost savings that their potential customers would benefit from by installing the product.

The goal was to compare the effectiveness of Smartscan against an alternative suppression system for residential kitchen fires.

The challenge was to design, build and conduct a suite of tests to demonstrate the response of the system to common kitchen fire scenarios. A test rig needed to be constructed to provide a range of realistic and repeatable fire challenges. It also needed to allow the tests to be conducted in a safe and cost effective manner.

In the tests conducted, the Plumis system was seen to activate just 55 seconds after the fire ignition and took just one minute and 11 seconds to extinguish the fire – giving them new insight into its capabilities.

Plumis are now looking to do further testing with the Fire Protection Association to establish the limits of the system. We are looking forward to continuing to work with them and helping them achieve their goals.

How our service helped

The Fire Protection Association’s bespoke fire testing service was able to offer a solution for Plumis, to help them achieve their goal.

Our team of fully qualified experts provided a comprehensive plan including timelines, budgets and hypotheses designed to meet Plumis’ needs and objectives. We constructed a functioning kitchen unit from scratch in our purpose built laboratory, where the test took place.

During the test, Plumis staff were able to attend and observe, and were kept informed throughout the entire process.

Following the test, we provided Plumis with a full breakdown of data and analysis. This meant they understood the results and had the opportunity to clarify them.

Results and future plans

The results of the test meant that Plumis can not only demonstrate they have conducted due diligence in exploring the effectiveness of their product against realistic fire scenarios, they also now have video content to showcase their product and compare it to others.


“Staff at the Fire Protection Association went above and beyond to help us achieve our goal with this test. We were kept informed at every stage and no request was too big or small. Their facilities are second to none, and I would highly recommend their fire testing service”

Yusef, Technical Engineer


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