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Car Park Storage


Car Park Storage was looking to demonstrate to its customers that its over bonnet storage lockers were fire resilient. Using the FPA’s bespoke testing service, we were able to help them achieve this by creating a close to real life fire scenario, which ultimately led to an increase in sales. 


Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, Car Park Storage found an increase in queries from customers about whether its products had been fire tested. The company needed evidence to show that its products would not cause increased spread from fire, and were not going to increase the likeliness of a fire.  

They found property managers were looking for reference of fire safety consideration for fire risk assessments, particularly in residential buildings. Without a reputable test, they were unable to reassure customers of the fire resilience of their cabinets. 

The goal was to undertake a test which would replicate the environment of a fire situation when an over bonnet storage container was present.

The challenge was to design, build and conduct a test to demonstrate the resilience of the cabinets under the influence of fire. A test environment needed to be created to replicate the common use of the product in a residential underground carpark.

How our service helped

The Fire Protection Association was selected to undertake this work because of our renowned reputation and ability to provide unbiased, impartial testing along with highly experienced staff. Our bespoke fire testing service was the solution for Car Park Storage to help them achieve their goal.

Our team of qualified experts provided a comprehensive plan including timelines, budgets and hypotheses designed to meet Car Park Storage’s needs and objectives. We adapted one of our purpose built testing units to replicate an underground car park, and conducted a test in a close to life scenario.  

During the test, Car Park Storage staff were able to attend and observe, and were kept informed throughout the entire process.

Following the test, we provided them with a full breakdown of data and analysis. This meant they understood the results and had the opportunity to clarify them.

Results and future plans

The results of the test meant that Car Park Storage are now able to demonstrate the fire resilience of its product to its customers. They can show customers that their storage unit held its place throughout the test and the fire did not spread from unit to unit. This now provides that vital information for the fire risk assessment of the buildings in which the units are placed.

As a result of undertaking the test and demonstrating due diligence, Car Park Storage has since increased the sales of its product.

Car Park Storage is now preparing to test a new product with us, made in the UK, and using British materials. We are looking forward to working with the company to help learn more about its new product.  

Fire test conducted at the Fire Protection Association’s Fire Research and Test Laboratory in Gloucestershire.


“I highly recommend the Fire Protection Association’s bespoke testing to anyone looking to showcase the fire resilience of their product. The test has been invaluable for us, since undertaking the work and sharing the results with our customers, we have seen a marked increase in sales.”

Chris Minett

Managing Director, Car Park Storage

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