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Sprinkler Head Testing

How do we test the sprinklers?

Using one of our designated sprinkler head test rigs, the FPA test laboratory will evaluate the condition and operational performance of a sprinkler head. The tests will include:

  • Visual inspection of 100% of the samples
  • A minimum of 75% of the heads will be subjected to a ‘function test’ - this has two parts: a water-based test to detect leakage in the heads, and a gas flame activation test to check the satisfactory operation of the heads. Once activated the water flow is monitored and assessed.
  • The remaining 25% may also be subject to either an operating temperature test - where heads are placed in a water bath which is heated gradually until the thermally sensitive element activates - or further function testing.
  • Post-testing visual inspection, paying particular attention to the waterways and deflector plate.
  • Further testing if needed; for example, if the heads were blocked.
  • Results and recommendations will be provided in a detailed report within four weeks of receiving the heads. 


We regularly use the Fire Protection Association to evaluate the condition and operational performance of sprinkler heads, their service is both efficient and cost effective. The knowledge and experience of their technicians shows in the detailed report which receives great feedback from both our engineers and our clients.

Paul Berry

Sales Director, Johnson Controls, Fire Suppression UK & Ireland

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