Essentials 4-Disc Collection


Essentials 4-Disc Collection (DVD04)

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Four essential fire and health and safety training programmes in one collection, comprising of:

1. Action in the Event of Fire (Running time: 11 mins)

The perfect way to drum home the basic fire safety and evacuation message within the induction or refresher training process.

2. Extinguishing Fires at Work (Running time: 19 mins)

Ideal for use in training staff who need to know which extinguisher to use and when and how to use it.

3. Role of the Fire Warden (Running time: 25 mins)

This programme looks at actions that can help make workplaces safer and demonstrates the vital role that fire wardens can play in helping to prevent fires from occurring, assisting with evacuations and even fighting fires, where appropriate.

4. Fundamentals of Health and Safety (Running time: 52 mins)

Highlights issues that must be considered in basic health and safety training across a wide variety of working environments.

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