Fire Warden Handbook


Fire Warden Handbook (FSB62)

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The new edition of the Fire Warden Handbook, published in October 2019, is aimed at any member of staff with responsibility for being a fire warden. Ideal as an introductory resource or a handy refresher guide, the book is split into easy-to-read sections with key learning points highlighted at the end of each chapter.

This latest addition to our essential handbook series, provides an overview of the threat posed by fire and details the vital role of the fire warden in preventing an outbreak and the action to be taken should a fire occur.


 1.   Legislation, responsible and competent persons, fire risk assessments

 2.   Fire: what it is, how it moves, smoke

 3.   Daily vigilance and hazard spotting

 4.   People at risk in the event of fire

 5.   Evacuation techniques and strategies

 6.   Protection against fire: staff training, escape routes, alarms, signage, extinguishers

 7.   Routine checks

 8.   Action in the event of fire

 9.   Firefighting equipment

10. Home fire safety

64 pages

Published 2019

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