Security Handbook


Security Handbook (FSB72)

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The limitation of risk from security hazards can cover a huge fielf given the flexible interpretation in the modern world of the term 'security'. 

This publication focuses princpally on the familiar security threats of the greatest concern to those responsible for security in the built environment and the incidental exposure of persons such as staff legitimately on the premises. The need for businesses to protect themselves against the destructive activities of familiar criminal types; the burglar, robber, mugger, vandal and arsonist, remain as pressing as ever against the background of streched policing resources and reversion to increasing crime levels. 

To assist the reader, the book considers the risk factors that most aggravate and mitigate the security risk exposure and discusses the strategies, tactics and practical measures available for property protection. However, the nature of crfime does not stand still and the book also addresses the increasing importance of having in place the essential security measures for basic cyber crime protection. 


  • The security risk management environment 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Security management 
  • Physical and perimeter security 
  • Electronic security and CCTV
  • Manned security services
  • Robbery risk
  • Vacant premises and unauthorised occupation
  • Cyber Security