Essentials of Fire Safety Management


Essentials of Fire Safety Management (FSB50)

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This fully revised edition is a comprehensive guide providing expert guidance and advice on every aspect of fire safety management. It is an invaluable volume of reference material and a must have for all those responsible for fire safety at work under the Fire Safety Order.

Divided into two sections, section 1 provides details on management issues such as fire risk assessment, fire safety arrangements, training, safety information and business security and resilience.

Section 2 covers issues related to the building, such as compartmentation, fire doors, fire warning and detection systems, emergency routes and exits, and firefighting and emergency response.

1.   Fire safety in the UK
2.   Fire risk assessment
3.   Fire safety arrangements
4.   Training and safety information
5.   Business security and resilience
6.   Compartmentation
7.   Fire doors
8.   Fire-resisting glazing
9.   Fire warning and detection systems
10. Emergency routes and exits
11. Emergency lighting and fire safety signage
12. Fire fighting and emergency response

176 pages
Published 2014

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