Guide to Assisted Evacuation


Guide to Assisted Evacuation (F47DVD)

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All employers must have a suitable and sufficient strategy to provide for the safe evacuation of staff, clients and visitors, including those who may require assistance. Guide to Assisted Evacuation considers typical evacuation strategies in all types of occupancy and offers guidance on the equipment and procedures that should be in place to aid with the evacuation of people with mobility, visual, hearing and learning impairments.

It covers:

  • legal obligations;
  • evacuation strategies: PEEPs and GEEPs;
  • assisted evacuation for people with mobility impairments: wheelchair users; carry down techniques; evacuation chairs; people with walking difficulties; ski pads; refuges; defend in situ;
  • assisted evacuation for people with hearing impairments: adding response to audio-based alarms; buddy systems; fire safety signage/way guidance;
  • assisted evacuation for people with visual impairments: enhanced audio alarm systems; use of way-guidance equipment; guide dogs/buddy systems;
  • assisted evacuation for people with learning difficulties: buddy systems; installation of orientation enhancements; arrangements for staff-led evacuation; 
  • guide to relevant and associated reference documents.

Running time: 20 minutes
Published 2011

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