Guidance on sprinkler maintenance and testing

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Sprinklers are known to be an extremely effective way of controlling the spread of fire, but of course, like all systems they MUST be maintained. Please follow the following guidance when identifying when maintenance and testing needs to be carried out on your sprinkler systems. The correct testing at the correct intervals ensures you can demonstrate best practice as well as giving your client the peace of mind they are protecting both life and property. 

Sprinkler testing guidelines

Annual Inspections of the entire system

With reference to (BS EN Clause 21 & TB203.2.4), sprinkler systems should be inspected at least once a year. These inspections must be undertaken by a third-party e.g. not the system owner, building occupier, system installer or maintenance provider.

25-year inspection of heads

With sprinkler systems which have been designed in accordance with BSEN 12845 - the heads should receive an inspection within 25 years of their installation, in accordance with Annex K.

A number of heads should be removed and tested by an independent testing laboratory.

Total number of sprinklers within installation or System Number of sprinklers to be removed & inspected
Less than or equal to 5,000 20
Less than or equal to 10,000 40
Less than or equal to 20,000 60
Less than or equal to 30,000 80
Less than or equal to 40,000 100

Sprinklers subject to contamination, such as those in spray booths, may require more frequent attention and replacement.In addition, based on insurance requirements, LPC Rules and TB 203 the following situations will need additional inspections.

Dry Pendant pattern sprinkler heads (those with a dry drop pipe section) should be tested every 5 years or less unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer – 5% or 20 heads (whichever is the greater) should be tested.

Multiple controls – these can be subject to a build up of corrosion and environmental deposits and so will need testing more frequently. These should be tested every 5 years or less unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer – 6% or 3 multiple controls (whichever is the greater) should be tested.

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