How many sprinkler heads do you need to test?

Testing will be conducted based on the guidance in the BS EN 12845, Annex K and LPC Sprinkler Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations, technical bulletin TB203.

BS EN 12845, Table K1 specifies the minimum number of sprinkler heads to be removed for testing, based on the size of installation. The table below details this requirement and our standard rates.

Total number of sprinklers within installation or System
Number of sprinklers to be removed & inspected
Less than or equal to 5,000 20
Less than or equal to 10,000 40
Less than or equal to 20,000 60
Less than or equal to 30,000 80
Less than or equal to 40,000 100

With reference to mixed batches of sprinkler heads;

Testing smaller batches can still worthwhile and can detect problems, however, confidence in the validity of the results can be somewhat reduced because of the smaller sample size.

The FPA suggest that where possible, batches of sprinkler heads should be comprised of heads of the same make and model. Heads with of a range of conditions (e.g. environmental ageing) should be selected as far as possible. 

Where sites use multiple makes and models of heads, ideally, batches of 20 heads of each make and model should be submitted for testing.  If in doubt, The FPA would be happy to discuss site specific cases to agree a practicable testing regime. 


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