Examples of sprinkler head defects

Mechanical damage

Sprinkler heads can be damaged and distorted; this will affect the heads' ability to function. This is a common occurrence, and as can be seen from these images, often routine maintenance does not pick up these issues. The heads in these shots have clearly been left and been subjected to further environmental deterioration.

Distorted deflector plate

Yoke and arm defects

Environmental damage

Many environments are harsh, and sprinklers could be sprayed with paint or chemicals. Water can be hard or soft, and left stagnant can corrode pipes, often leaving debris and build up inside.

    Restrictive paint

Water corrosion

'O' rings

Some sprinkler head types incorporating o-ring seals may need testing earlier, and possibly with greater regularity than other types, to ensure the system functions as intended when required.

       'O' rings

Test for the things you can't see

Routine maintenance including a visual inspection is essential, but over time there are many other issues that can arise that only extensive inspection and testing can identify, for example:

Sprinkler head defects 3.1

Sprinkler head defects 3.2

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