Sprinkler Head Testing

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25 Year Sprinkler Head Inspection and Testing

LPC Sprinkler Rules recommend at 25 years or sooner a number of sprinkler heads should be removed from a system and inspected and tested by an independent test house. 

With fire safety awareness high it brings a number of preventative measures to the forefront of thinking, sprinkler systems being one of them. These are an essential part of many buildings fire safety strategy. To ensure continued and dependable performance, the system should be subjected to a thorough maintenance and test regime, including an independent annual inspection. 

Sprinkler heads will be subjected to all types of environment, ones that may stop them functioning as intended and at the worse stop them from working completely. In accordance to the standards required by the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations, BS EN 12845 Annex K.

Why use the Fire Protection Association (FPA) to test your sprinkler heads?

The FPA prides itself on providing Independent testing at the highest standard.

  • Very competitive prices - from a not-for profit organisation
  • Testing is completed in the UK FPA laboratory
  • Experienced laboratory staff
  • Excellent turnaround times - within 4 weeks
  • Rapid service available – within 3 days
  • Detailed, robust reporting – creating the evidence to support any further expenditure
  • Support with packaging and postage
  • Conforms with LPC rules for automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015 incorporating BS EN 12845 

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