Risk Management Services

Every insurance underwriter knows the importance of having access to high quality risk information.  Risks that go unmeasured cannot be managed which ultimately undermines the ability to predict outcomes.  Present day brokers also recognise that expert risk survey services are essential if their clients' coverage needs are to be fully identified and their risks accurately and fairly portrayed to potential carriers.

Traditionally, insurers' and brokers' risk survey needs were met by an in-house team of surveyors.  However it has become clear that outsourcing surveys to competent third parties makes commercial sense. At the FPA we are able to offer competent, professional and experienced experts to undertake surveys.

Our Risk Management Service includes:

  • Site surveys – Professionally trained individuals will undertake systematic site inspections, at all levels of complexity, to identify and evaluate insured risk.
  • Risk reporting - Reports with insights into risk quality in the areas key to your objectives.
  • Loss estimation - Reasoned loss estimate calculations to agreed scenarios, fully supported by rationales.
  • Risk improvement - Comprehensive and fully rationalised risk improvement measures that are tailored, practical, technically current and cost-effective to individual business requirements.

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