Leading Office Overriding Commission (LOOC) is a scheme administered by the FPA on behalf of insurers who underwrite large commercial property fire risks.

The scheme provides a means by which insurers can share risk exposure or can insure parts of risks that would otherwise be too large for them to take on exclusively.

FPA, who took over the administration at the request of insurers in 2002, act as a clearing house for the payments by providing a private and confidential administrative service.

Usually the insurer at the top of the schedule - the 'lead insurer' - will do all the administration for a particular risk.  In recognition of this the remaining co-insurers - the 'follow offices' - agree to pay a proportion, usually around 5%, of the premium they receive in respect of the risk to the lead insurer to cover the work undertaken on their behalf

LOOC membership is open to any authorised insurer who undertakes to adhere to the scheme procedures and is currently supported by a number of major insurers including:

  • ACE
  • Allianz
  • Aviva
  • AXA
  • Chartis
  • Ecclesiastical
  • NIG
  • Royal & SunAlliance
  • Zurich

New web-based service

A major innovation brought by FPA has been the introduction of a web-based reporting scheme that expedites the settlement of member accounts more quickly and efficiently.  Since 2007 members are able to submit their own risk information data securely online providing a more effectual platform for scheme participants to interact and agree on risk information provided and resolve any queries.  As a result member statements are agreed in a more prompt manner, meaning a shorter settlement period between members.


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