Business Continuity

The FPA is actively involved in encouraging and assisting businesses to develop business continuity plans in case they are subject to an unexpected emergency. Emergencies can lead to a disruption in business, affecting operations and profits. Obviously, this is bad for employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and communities.  The benefits of having a business continuity plan include: 

Developing a clearer understanding of how the organisation works and where it is vulnerable to a crisis

Protecting the business and minimising the impact of a crisis

Protecting the reputation of the business and being seen to be an organisation that is in control despite adverse circumstances

Reduction in the cost of any disruption by having planned for how to manage it in advance  

Whilst business continuity is designed to be able to help organisations react to the consequences of any sort of disruptive event, it is more pragmatic to base planning on an assessment of the risks you actually face.  For example the UK Government has determined some generic challenges to consider when carrying out business continuity planning:

  • Large scale temporary absence of staff
  • Denial of site or geographical area (fire, flood, terrorism etc)
  • Loss of mains electricity
  • Disruption to transport
  • Loss of mains water and sewerage
  • Loss of availability of oil and fuel
  • Loss of telephone / mobile phone communications   


ROBUST is a business continuity planning software toolkit, the development of which has been financed through RISCAuthority, a scheme annually financed by a group of UK Insurers and administered by the FPA.  ROBUST has been developed with input from the Business Continuity Working Group of RISCAuthority which comprises of representation from many of the top UK insurers. ROBUST is designed to help the user create and maintain a business continuity plan. When disaster strikes the Incident Management Plan (IMP) module will produce an all encompassing report to lead the user and their teams through each aspect of the recovery process providing them with the information and guidance necessary to return to normal operation.    

Business continuity services

Whilst the ROBUST software is available to download free of charge and has been designed to be used with modest effort, we offer a fee-based consultancy service to assist users in ROBUST implementation.  Our expert consultants can facilitate the implementation of ROBUST into small and medium sized enterprises by assisting with Business Impact Analyses, helping to use the software and stress testing contingency plans with mock scenario exercises.  

Please contact us via email or phone 01608 812500 for more information.

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