Laboratory Facilities

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In order to facilitate our testing environments, we have the following systems in place:

Pumped high capacity water supply – our on site 80,000 litre clean water storage tank gives a consistent and regulated water supply.

Firefighting foam premix and collection system – we can mix on site firefighting foam concentrate to customer specifications. Used foam is then collected and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Climate controlled conditioning chamber – this purpose built chamber allows for the conditioning of fuel packages and test samples to give a more consistent and accurate result.

Toxic and flammable material handling capabilities – our on site, secure and ventilated storage compartments are designed for flammable and toxic fuels. All handling is carried out by trained personnel.

Systems that reduce our environmental impact – the FPA is very aware of the impact its activities can have on the environment, and has several systems in place to reduce this. These range from smoke and dust extraction systems (designed to clean the air by removing smoke particles by filtration), to dirty water storage and run off collection systems.


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