Testing Capabilities

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When testing, our team of experts has the ability to burn, measure and report on a vast number of elements. Our capabilities include:

Creating bespoke fire loads – fire loads can be created from almost any combustible material such as gas, liquids and solids all stored within a controlled environment.

Large scale calorimetry – when burning we can accurately measure the heat involved in both the chemical and physical processes, and the severity of the fire source. 

Gas measurement – we use calibrated measuring equipment to measure gas in low oxygen environments, i.e. gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. We can also measure gas velocity (the gas movement being drawn into or exhaled from a fire).

Temperature and heat flux measurement – whether single or multiple points of measurement are required, we can accurately obtain the temperature and the heat energy output from the fire.

Liquid flow measurement – we have both ultrasonic and mechanical flow meters, letting us measure precisely the flow outputs from systems.

Damage impact – we can measure the deformation caused by heat, flames and smoke, as well as measuring the load and the amount of force exerted on a surface, allowing you to know the mass lost during and after burning.

Data collection and analysis – we have a large selection of data loggers which can capture over 250 different channels of data. Our advanced analysis equipment allows us to process data quickly and accurately.

Reporting – a detailed and impartial report will be produced and discussed with you after testing. If you wish to be present at your test, we have suitable viewing facilities along with live video.


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