Fire Risk Assessments

Risk assessment

Why do you need a fire risk assessment? 

Legislation requires that ‘Responsible Persons’ or ‘Duty Holders’ have ensured that a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment is maintained for all non-domestic and some types of domestic properties they are in control of. Where a business employs five or more persons, the significant findings of the fire risk assessment must be recorded. 

How can the FPA help you? 

We can remove the stress of undertaking a fire risk assessment by providing a consultant who is suitably experienced in your specific industry sector. After working alongside your responsible persons our consultants will produce a fire risk assessment report which includes detailed records of the significant findings, a clear and concise action plan detailing actions recommended and a full assessment of risk and hazard areas in the building.

We ensure recommendations are appropriate to the premises and business circumstances to effectively reduce, minimise or manage risks. Our assessments and recommendations are developed to ensure not only the safety of employees and others who may be affected by a fire on the premises but also protection to the premises and its contents.

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How does it work?

Step one: request a quote 

Provide us with information regarding the building, occupancy type, and work undertaken.

Step two: we send a quotation back with available dates.

Step three: we undertake the fire risk assessment site visit.

Step four: we produce and submit your report, which will be approved by an NSI Approved Validator.

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