Fire policy review undertaken on behalf of Barclays Bank


The FPA was invited to review the fire safety arrangements at eight key locations operated by Barclays Bank PLC. The assignment comprised of a series of site visits to review the fire safety systems which were currently in operation and to gain an understanding of the level of risk at each of the premises.

The brief was specific in that FPA were not to report on the detailed fire safety arrangements at the identified premises, but to consider individual aspects of fire safety and to highlight any findings by reference to examples observed during the site visits.

In presenting its conclusions, the FPA gave particular attention to the following issues:

  • Statutory compliance gap analysis
  • Rationalisation of standards
  • Standards gap analysis
  • Responsibilities gap analysis between the facilities management provider and the client
  • Life safety systems and loss control inspection programmes
  • Recommendations for frequency and type of emergency drill practice

The report was presented to the Health and Safety team at Barclays Bank and used to enhance Barclays’ comprehensive corporate fire safety management programme.

 Tim Cradock, Group Safety Manager, Barclays Bank PLC comments “We felt that we needed an independent review of our fire safety arrangements for our more complex sites to ensure that our processes and procedures were reflecting best practice. The FPA were appointed to carry out this review as I was impressed with their expertise, independence and their ability to operate in partnership with us with us to deliver this important piece of work.”