Fire safety strategy reviews and audits

Fire Safety Management Review

An expert service that develops and reviews fire safety management policies, procedures and other strategies in complex buildings and property estates.

Fire Safety Audits

We can conduct an independent, impartial and thorough audit on your existing fire precautions and fire risk assessment. Our generic report format can be used or we can develop a template to support the needs of your organisation. Complete client confidentiality is ensured.

Fire Policies and Documentation

Every company should have its fire safety policies and action plans documented so they are understood by staff and ensure compliance with current legislation.  FPA can help companies review and develop such processes and procedures, providing assistance to any statutory compliance gap analysis, building safety and fire emergency procedures. Our findings can be succinctly presented as a fire safety manual in accordance with your own templates or style guidelines.

Fire Safety Consulting

Fire consulting services proposing practical, cost-effective solutions for any specific fire safety problems including:

  • the development, implementation, and review of company-specific fire safety strategies
  • local authority licensing issues
  • the protection of historic/heritage buildings
  • evaluation and supervision of fire drills
  • bespoke research projects including advice on international fire safety law for global institutions

Fire Investigation

In the unfortunate event of a fire occurring, a post-fire support service is available. Acting independently, or as part of a specialist team, we can assist in determining the origin and cause of a fire and provide staff who are recognised as expert witnesses to present evidence in civil or criminal courts.

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