Compartmentation Surveys

Compartmentation Surveys

Compartmentation is the subdivision of buildings in to more manageable areas. It is a legal requirement under the RRO and its function is to prevent the spread of fire and smoke and provides adequate and suitable mean of escape should a fire occur. 

Typically, a fire risk assessment will not extensively cover compartmentation and so a more detailed survey should be completed as part of a fire risk strategy.

How can the FPA help?

With our extensive expertise we can conduct a non-destructive compartmentation survey (including the roof voids) as accessible, in accordance with the existing compartmentation drawings for the premises. We will further prepare and submit a report outlining the adequacy of the existing compartmentation and any improvement measures deemed necessary, so you know what needs to be improved.

What is included?

  • a visual inspection of the condition of current compartmentation walls, floors, ceilings, and corridors
  • an assessment of the current condition of fire-resistant materials in conjunction with British Standards, Approved Document B and the Fire Strategy of the building
  • a written report and suggested improvements

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