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Managing fire safety within large retail premises can be challenging, not least because there are numerous other tasks which fall under the remit of site managers, health and safety teams or building managers. As with any building, a fire breaking out within a retail environment is a very real threat to life and property, and the FPA has helped multiple large retail sites improve their fire safety regimes.

Fire safety issues often faced within retail include:

  • the very nature of retail establishments provides little in the way of compartmentation, which means large open spaces that allow fire to spread
  • complex fire safety solutions are required which may need specialist knowledge to assess
  • many retail spaces are in multi occupied buildings alongside cinemas or residential flats, which may have shared escape routes and complex evacuation procedures
  • complex alarm systems which might link to neighbouring residential flats or buildings
  • confined stockroom spaces with large quantities of combustible materials
  • numerous, extensive sprinkler installations
  • large numbers of people within the building, many of whom may be unfamiliar with the layout
  • human behaviour factors – for example large family groups shopping independently but inclined to seek out each other in the event of an emergency, delaying the evacuation; or committed to an activity (such as queuing at a till) and ignoring fire alarms
  • car parks which may need their own strategy for means of escape, or specialist fire safety measures

The FPA’s knowledge and vast expertise can help by:

  • working with the responsible person, site manager or health and safety teams to conduct a thorough fire risk assessment that goes beyond the minimum requirements
  • addressing these challenging issues and offering cost effective solutions to fire safety that mitigate the risk but achieve results
  • working with the client to find the best fit for their needs
  • developing an evacuation strategy which works specifically for the design of your building
  • providing expert third party sprinkler inspectors to ensure you receive unbiased and impartial advice on your fire sprinkler system, and fulfil the requirements of the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015

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