Work on Residents’ Panel begins

The Health and Safety Executive is looking for people to join an interim Residents’ Panel as part of the transformation of building safety, but only those who live in or work with high-rise buildings need apply.

The Building Safety Bill is working its way through parliament. and as part of that there is a requirement for the Building Safety Regulator to establish a Residents’ Panel. This is intended to give residents of high-rise buildings a voice to shape the work of the BSR.

The Residents’ Panel is part of a new building safety framework that also includes the Industry Competence Committee, the Building Advisory Committee, and the Joint Regulators’ Group.

As the legislation is not yet in force, the HSE is setting up an interim Residents’ Panel of 15 people. This will include current residents of high-rise buildings and representatives of organisations who deal with these types of buildings.

The HSE said that it expects the Panel to work quickly to provide advice to help design the future Residents’ Panel, how it will operate, the policies it needs to have in place, and how the BSR can effectively communicate with residents.

The roles are voluntary, and require 30 hours of time over 12 months from December 2021. Training will be provided. The HSE will chair the panel.

Applications remain open until 1 November 2021.

For more information visit the HSE website.