Welsh Government to fund fire safety surveys

The Welsh Government announced it will fund fire safety surveys for residential buildings over 11 metres to identify fire safety defects and measures to make them safe.

Minister for Climate Change, Julie James confirmed the costs would come from the Welsh Building Safety Fund. She said: “It is critically important that we are able to understand the true scale of the problem in order to properly address it.”

Leaseholders have not borne the costs of remediating ACM cladding. The Welsh Government said that they had made £10.5 million available to remediate buildings in the social sector.

A new Fire Safety Building Passport scheme will be set up based on the results of these surveys. Available from the autumn for applications from responsible persons under the Fire Safety Order, building owners, and management companies, the Passport will set out what defects have been identified, what remedial action is required and when fire safety measures need to be implemented.

The Welsh Government published a Building Safety White Paper earlier this year. The public consultation closed in April and the government response is expected in the autumn. The Passport scheme is not referenced in the White Paper.