Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event hosted by the Mental Health Foundation which presents an opportunity for the whole of the UK to focus on achieving good mental health. This year’s theme is tackling loneliness and understanding the links between loneliness and poor mental health. The aim of the week is to highlight the importance of having open conversations in communities and workplaces to build meaningful connections with friends, family, and colleagues.

Society is changing fast when it comes to our attitude towards mental health, and the pandemic has given rise to workplaces introducing both home and hybrid working so it is more important than ever that we continue to build and maintain connections with colleagues to tackle feelings of loneliness and isolation.

At the Fire Protection Association (FPA), we prioritise the health and safety of our staff and are proactive in our continuous mental health and wellbeing support. Several of our staff members have undertaken Mental Health First Aid Training in order to support colleagues presenting with mental health conditions and help create a positive mental health culture in our workplace.   

In support of this year’s campaign, we have been working with some of the FPA’s Mental Health Champions to share some top tips on tackling loneliness and barriers to connection in the workplace.

Victoria New, Executive Assistant and HR Manager


Robbie Shurmer, Fire Advisory Services Coordinator


Skye-Nicole Mason, Laboratory Technician


Rebecca Gallifant, Office Manager


Ella Taylor, Office Coordinator


Where can I find out more information about Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

Mental Health UK have a range of resources and information available on their website that could be useful to someone experiencing loneliness or looking to support someone else.

Find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week here.