The Fire Protection Association respond to the major change planned to sprinkler standards

The Fire Protection Association and RISCAuthority has submitted its response to BSI regarding the major change planned to sprinkler standards in the UK following a 2 month window for comments.

Jonathan O'Neill OBE, Managing Director of the FPA, responded to the proposed changes to BS EN 12845-1 and said:

“There is major change planned to sprinkler standards in the UK, which is being driven by the European standards making body CEN. The window for commenting on BS EN 12845-1 Fixed firefighting systems - Automatic sprinkler systems - Part 1: Design, installation and maintenance was very short, 16/12/2021 to 08/02/2022, and is now closed. It’s an important document forming the backbone for commercial sprinkler protection in the UK.

The changes are far ranging, not all good, and it is understood there is little support for its adoption in the UK and the standard has never been much used amongst EU member countries. The FPA and RISCAuthority’s comments on this 305 page document run to 114 pages! I highlight this because this is an unprecedented return for any British Standard that we have ever commented on. If you have not already done so, please read the standard and our comments, and share any comments with us.”

You can download the Fire Protection Association’s comments here.