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Cladding removal begins on Glasgow blocks

29 June 2020

THE SIX blocks at Glasgow Harbour will see combustible aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding removed, two years after funding for the work was agreed.

In May 2018, it was reported that original developer Taylor Wimpey would pay to replace the ACM on the 321 properties across the six blocks, after residents faced potential bills of up to £30,000. Fire wardens had been hired to patrol the buildings, which will now be brought ‘into line with the current fire safety requirements’.

Glasgow Times has now reported on the start of removal work, with the ACM cladding to be replaced with ‘non combustible solid aluminium cladding’, and noted that Taylor Wimpey had said Glasgow Council ‘was satisfied with the interim measures’ taken to keep the blocks safe. In turn, it noted that there would be no ‘direct cost to owners or residents for the works’, which will take place ‘over the next three years’.

The two largest blocks, B and E, have ‘the most ACM cladding’, while other blocks ‘have it on corners and around the top of the building’, and works will be undertaken by mast climbers on B and E alongside Bronto skylifts on the other blocks.

A Taylor Wimpey spokeswoman stated: ‘Following submission of our COVID-19 working protocols to the Scottish Government and its subsequent support of our approach, we are pleased to confirm that on-site preparations for the ACM cladding replacement works at Glasgow Harbour began on 8 June 2020, with the Scottish Government’s support.

‘The ACM cladding will be replaced with non-combustible solid aluminium cladding, and the work will be carried out in accordance with current Scottish Building Regulations. We have confirmed there will be no direct cost to owners or residents, and we are liaising with the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council, the owner’s association (PAGH), and the Factor (Hacking and Paterson) in order to update owners and residents regularly with our progress.

‘Health and safety remains our number one priority and along with our consultants and Main Contractor, we remain fully committed to progressing and completing the cladding replacement works at Glasgow Harbour.’

Cladding removal begins on Glasgow blocks