New guidance to help identify cladding remediation cases

BSI launches consultation on PAS 9980, new guidance to help fire risk assessors assess the risk of fire spread over external walls of multistorey residential buildings to aid remediation.

PAS 9980 is now available in draft and BSI is inviting public comment on this Publicly Available Specification.

It has been sponsored jointly by MHCLG and the Home Office and was drafted by C.S Todd & Associates and a team of experts. Members of the drafting steering group include the BRE, National Fire Chiefs Council, London Fire Brigade, the Scottish Government and a range of fire sector organisations.

The draft PAS sets out recommendations and guidance on undertaking a fire risk appraisal and assessment (FRAA) of the external wall construction of a multistorey, multi-occupied residential building.

The purpose of an FRAA is to assess the risk to occupants from a fire spreading externally over or within the walls of the building, and to make a decision, whether in specific circumstances of the building, remediation is considered necessary.

It is applicable where the risk is known, or suspected, to arise from the presence of combustible materials within the external wall build-up.

This PAS also gives recommendations and guidance in relation to the competence of those completing FRAAs.

It addresses the risk from fire spread over the external walls of multistorey blocks of flats of any height.

Student accommodation, sheltered housing and other specialised housing as well as buildings converted into flats are all covered by this guidance where they have a fire strategy similar to multistorey buildings. This is also intended to include blocks of flats which are part of a mixed-use building with, for example, shops or offices below.

It applies to existing blocks of flats in England only.

The consultation is open for public comment from 20 April to 20 May 2021.

PAS 9980 PAS 9980:2021 Fire risk appraisal and assessment of external wall construction and cladding of existing blocks of flats - Code of practice