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Catch up on the current and future consultations in the fire sector, covering the new Building Safety Regulator, Emergency Evacuation Information Sharing, and more.

Following the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) appointment as the new Building Safety Regulator (BSR), there is a forthcoming consultation centred on registration with the BSR and related competencies.

Building control professionals and private sector building control organisations will have to register with the BSR, with registration beginning in October 2023. BSR will require both professionals and organisations to demonstrate their competence to accept them onto the register.

The HSE is currently working on what those competences will be and how people will have to show the right skills, knowledge, experience, and behaviours to get onto the register.

As part of the development work, the HSE have published drafts of some of its registration products. These will be developed further over the next few months, in close consultation with stakeholders. There will also be a public consultation on them in summer 2022. The products are as follows:

Professional conduct rules (draft)

Mandatory standards of conduct and behaviour that registered building control approvers (RBCAs) will have to adhere to.

Code of conduct (draft)

Mandatory standards of conduct and behaviour that registered building inspectors (RBIs) will have to adhere to.

Building inspector competency framework (BICoF) (draft)

The building inspector competency framework sets out the competencies that building inspectors will have to show to get onto the register.


Open consultations

There are also several open consultations relating to disabled people, housing, and fire currently, which are listed below:

Higher risk buildings description consultation

Closes: 21 July 2022

Emergency Evacuation Information Sharing consultation

Closes: 10 August 2022

Improving disabled people’s access to let residential premises: reasonable adjustments to common parts, a new duty consultation

Closes: 18 August 2022