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Why sprinklers should be considered as part of building design and construction


08 September 2021

As it stands, sprinklers are not a legal requirement in commercial buildings, and in residential buildings their provision is based on the height of the building and neglects all other factors. Here, FPA Principal Consultant, Dale Kinnersley explains why this approach can leave lives and buildings at risk and must change.

Who issues a fire safety notice?


30 October 2020

Fire safety notices are generally issued by fire safety officers from your local fire and rescue authority, if it is deemed that the standard of fire safety measures are inadequate. There are additional circumstances where inspectors from different agencies have different enforcement powers to deal with fire matters, such as during construction work.

Who is responsible for using a fire extinguisher


07 June 2021

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is the responsibility of the company to ensure their employees receive adequate training and development. This includes fire protection, fire detection and effective use of fire safety equipment, to be delivered to the appropriate person.

Who is responsible for carrying out a fire risk assessment?


20 January 2021

It is the duty of the ‘Responsible Person’ to take general fire precautions as far as reasonably practicable under the RRO Part 2 to ensure the premises is safe for all relevant persons and to reduce the risk of harm and prevent fire.

What you need to know about DSEAR risk assessments


05 November 2020

Seeking clarity around DSEAR regulations? Watch our webinar clip to find out what the DSEAR regulations are and what you need to do to adhere to them.

What is third party accreditation?


02 November 2020

Third party accreditation (or certification) is the best way for you to gain assurance when sourcing fire safety contractors or products. It provides you with the peace of mind that your suppliers have been independently verified, are regularly audited or certified and are competent to undertake the work you need. It also assures they are working to relevant standards and best practice.

What is the purpose of a fire door?


08 September 2021

The prime purpose for fire doors is to save lives and stop the progress of fire in support of both escaping occupants and fire-fighting activities. They are an important part of a building's passive fire protection system and an essential requirement for the vast majority of premises including residential, public buildings, offices and factories (specific building regulations must be checked).

What is fire compartmentation?


16 November 2020

Fire compartmentation is the sub-division of a building into smaller sections or units in order to withstand and limit damage/growth from a fire situation by preventing the spread of smoke and fire, with the use of fire resisting construction and passive fire protection.

What is cladding?


30 October 2020

The term cladding, in its most common usage, refers to the outer skin(s) applied to a high rise building to increase thermal energy efficiency, and/or to improve aesthetics while not adversely affecting weather resistance. The cladding element is non load bearing, which means it is not structurally integral to the building itself.

What is a fire strategy document?


17 February 2021

A fire strategy is a complex document specifically tailored to a building, reviewing all aspects of the building’s fire safety features including construction, compartmentation strategy, means of escape and other fire safety features/measures - including management arrangements in place to ensure it is fit for use for the end user of the premises or intended purpose group.

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