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5 Tips for Fire Risk Assessors


05 November 2020

We’ve provided a peak into our most experienced fire risk assessor’s best tips for those seeking to become a competent fire risk assessor.

5 top tips for world health and safety at work day


28 April 2021

In support of World Health and Safety at Work Day, we’re sharing our top 5 tips to help you manage the fire safety aspect of your organisation’s health and safety.

A guide for fire risk assessors


09 November 2020

The journey of a fire risk assessor is a long one and this guide is intended to assist those who are seeking to better themselves in the profession. Whether you are new to fire risk assessments or have been conducting them for years, there is always scope for continual improvement and learning. 

A Guide to Fire Door Inspections


11 December 2020

Fire doors are an integral part of fire protection and prevention. Yet all too often the wrong type of fire door is fitted to a building and they are often neglected of poor maintenance.

A guide to fire engineering for property protection and business resilience


01 November 2020

Published by the RISCAuthority, this document provides guidance on the key factors for ensuring that property protection and business resilience have been adequately considered during the design stage of a fire engineering solution and accompanying fire strategy.

A guide to fire safety in schools


09 November 2020

This guide will provide you with the basic steps you need to follow to help keep your school safe from fire, and to help prevent a fire

Are we closer to defining competency?


17 February 2021

For many years, the FPA has been lobbying government for a clearer definition of competency. Sadly, it was the tragedy at Grenfell Tower in 2017 which brought the issue of competency to the fore. The subsequent Hackitt Review highlighted the major gaps in terms of the skills, experience and knowledge of those involved with the building’s construction.

Are you confident over competence?


04 February 2021

As part of our Know Your Building campaign we've outlined the importance of competency in protecting buildings and their occupants in our free mini paper.

Arson prevention guide


03 November 2020

Download our guide on arson prevention to help keep your business safer from the risks of fire.

Building system questionnaire for large timber use in high rise buildings


01 November 2020

Published by the RISCAuthority, this questionnaire seeks information relevant to the design considerations given to the protection of business and property using timber construction methods against the risks posed by fire and water.

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