Fire Prevention on Construction Sites

Fire Prevention on Construction Sites: The Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation – 9th Edition

The Fire Protection Association (FPA) and RISCAuthority are pleased to announce that, in association with Construction Industry Publications Limited (CIP) and the Contractors Legal Group, we have made this valuable document freely available for electronic distribution. Printed copies can still be purchased here.

Often used as a condition of construction insurance, the scope of this code applies to projects with an original contract value of £2.5m or above, and applies equally to smaller value contracts where these are part of a large project. In cases where the construction contract or the insurance contract does not require this code to apply, it serves as best practice guidance.

The objective of the code is the prevention of fires on construction sites. The majority of fires can be prevented by designing out risks, taking simple precautions, and by adopting safe working practices. The code applies to all activities carried out prior to and during the procurement, construction and design process – not the complete structure – and should be read in conjunction with all current legislation and the HSE publication HSG168: Fire safety in construction.