Stebbing house, Shepherds Bush

London Fire Brigade (LFB) sent around 60 firefighters, in eight appliances to a tower block on Queensdale Crescent, less than a mile away from Grenfell Tower. where a flat on the 12th floor was ablaze on 21 June.

The LFB arrived at the scene at Stebbing House at around 9:20am, with the fire under control by 10:55am. The fire is believed to have been caused by a charging electric scooter.

According to a report by Construction News, a recent fire risk assessment by construction company Kier identified photovoltaic panels on the buildings south side should be removed for fire safety reasons, with an application for their removal approved by the local council in April this year. A report by planning consultants stated that the panels did “not comply with the requirements of the building regulations Approved Document B and in line with BR135 guidelines” and recommended the block have its cladding removed, despite finding it was lower risk.

Jonathan Stone, safety manager at the Hammersmith and Fulham Council, which owns and runs the building, said precautionary measures taken by the emergency services had "prevented another Grenfell."

Station Commander David Bracewell, who was at the scene said: "Firefighters dealt with a fire on the 12th floor of a tower block in W11. Three people from the affected flat left before the Brigade arrived. A number of other residents evacuated the building.

"Fire crews led six residents to safety via an internal staircase. Further residents who were not affected by fire, heat or smoke were advised to remain in their flats.

"In the early stages we used new technology called 9Eye that enabled a caller to send live stream videos of the incident straight into the Brigade’s 999 call centre.

"We've also used a 32m turntable ladder to put water on the outside of the building."

Hammersmith and Fulham Borough Labour councillor Stephen Cowan added: "What I've been advised is that there was a fire started early in the morning by an electric scooter.

"They were charging an electric scooter in the flat, it caught fire, the individual had the presence of mind to pull the plug on it, and then he threw water on it.

"That caused billowing smoke. Smoke went everywhere. Automatically the fire alarms kicked in."

London Ambulance Service have confirmed that two patients were assessed at the scene, and another was treated and taken to hospital.