JAVED KHAN was fined £14,499 for the ‘unsanitary’ house in multiple occupation (HMO), which had ‘serious’ safety breaches including no fire alarm or ‘adequate’ fire escape.

Grimsby Telegraph reported on the prosecution of Mr Khan after his multiple occupancy property in Scunthorpe was rented out despite him having no licence, and which was later found to be ‘unsanitary and unsafe’. Specific breaches included a ‘failure to provide a fire alarm or an adequate fire escape’, while outside of fire breaches there was ‘poor access’ to bins, resulting in a ‘mounting waste problem’ and subsequent ‘unsanitary living conditions’.

At court, Mr Khan – who did not attend the sentencing – was fined £12,000 for the breaches and £2,499 in costs, with North Lincolnshire Council undertaking the prosecution as part of its campaign against rogue landlords. John Davison, cabinet member for safer, stronger urban communities, warned that landlords ‘needed to licence their property and follow their responsibility to provide safe accommodation’.

He added: ‘North Lincolnshire Council has a zero tolerance policy to rogue landlords that choose to exploit residents. This prosecution should act as a warning to landlords and encourage them to come forward and license their property. Failing to do this is illegal and risks an unlimited fine. Landlords have a responsibility to provide tenants with good quality, safe accommodation. Most landlords follow the rules, but, in this instance, measures were inadequate and unsafe.’